Accurate legal solutions

As experts in trademark law and other related laws, we can analyze your case and provide accurate legal advice.

Trademark rights are exclusive rights created by law, and unauthorized use by others may result in injunctions, damages, and other liabilities. To ensure the safe use of your trademark and the smooth operation of your business, we can assist you with the appropriate trademark-registration procedures in accordance with the laws of Japan and other countries.


Practical solutions
based on experience

As practitioners, we offer flexible solutions that go beyond black-and-white decisions.

Even if it is difficult to do so in principle, you may be able to increase your chances of registration or reduce the legal risk of use by modifying a trademark slightly to an extent that is acceptable to you or by reviewing how it appears in the media. Based on our experience as practitioners, we offer flexible ways to solve problems.


business solutions

As business people, we offer practical, concrete solutions with a business sense.

Trademark rights are granted by law, but a trademark is just one of the tools to facilitate business. Even if you get a scholarly by-the-book comment, simply saying to the customer, “This may violate the law, and you should not do it,” may not solve anything for them. We are flexible enough to respond to the ever-changing business world and provide advice from a realistic perspective.